Keeping your solar investment healthy.

Ultra Pure Water Cleaning System.

Advanced Electrical Knowledge

Monitoring 24/7 : 365

Solar project maintenance can help maximize uptime and extend the life of the plant.
The delivery of solar power without any disruption maintains the stream of economic value generated by each kilowatt hour of production.
Proper service is a critical component to ensuring optimal performance while minimizing the risks of downtime.

A well-maintained solar installation can perform
10 to 30% better than one that is not.

Without proper operation and maintenance, your system components could be void of all warranties.


Sun Doctors performs a 32 point electrical inspection every-time we visit your site. As with anything over time system components may need to be worked on to ensure they remain in safe working order.


Keeping your modules clean is the easiest way to preserve the life of your module. National Renewable Energy Laboratories recommends that modules be cleaned every 6 months to optimize the energy production.


Sun Doctors employs knowledgeable SoltechTM certified workers & electricians to work on your systems. We are proud to be the only Operations & maintenance company in Hawaii with such skilled workers.

  • Maintenance

      • Ultra Pure Water Cleaning System
      • Thermal Imaging
      • 32 Point System Check
  • investment protection

      • Warranty Asset Assessment
      • ROI/Financial System Analysis
      • Controlled System Maintenance
  • maximized efficiency

      • Production/Demand Optimization
      • Appliance Efficiency Utilization
      • Preventative System Inspection
  • system integration

      • Leading Software Technology
      • Full Equipment Documentation
      • Utility Agreement Updates/Solutions
  • future development

      • Micro Grid Solutions
      • Energy Systems Management
      • Integrated Home Monitoring
  • community connected

      • HSEI Member
      • Industry Trusted
      • Contractor Conflict Mediation