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locally owned and operated business servicing All of Hawaii

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At Sun Doctors, we service and repair all types of photovoltaic, and hot water systems. From cleaning to monitoring to complete system repairs, we are your one stop shop for solar services. No job is too big or too small for our qualified technicians. We strive to maximize the amount of energy every system produces. 

Throughout the life of your system, inverters, panels and tanks will under produce and in some cases fail. If your system components are still under warranty, we can handle all warranty claims directly with the manufacturer. We also review production issues that are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty such as defective or malfunctioning components, as well as normal system wear and tear. If your system is not maintained, these issues will cause production losses. Our goal is to ensure the productivity and continued health of all our customers' systems.


Regular Service & maintenance will keep your solar system healthy.

Your investment in PV or Hot Water is like an investment in your vehicle, which requires ongoing maintenance and service to function at it's best.

Vehicle Maintenance – Washing, oil changes, tire replacements, engine or transmission replacement, etc.

PV/Hot Water Maintenance – module washing, production monitoring, electrical wiring maintenance, inverter maintenance / replacement, tank maintenance / replacement, etc.


Keeping Your Solar Investment Healthy!

We Strive to maintain the health and productivity of solar systems throughout Hawaii by providing top tier care, through efficient and exceptional service.

The Doctors


Justin Hardwick

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sean Mullen

Responsible Managing Entity (RME)